Ergonomic. Unique. Innovative. 360° ergonomically rotating operating unit, light weight, high resolution digital video recording; these are the outstanding features of the iRis compact Videoscope. No matter if you need to crawl under a component or you have to climb a ladder, with the wireless iRis Videoscope System you inspect hard to reach test objects with razor-sharp digital still images or video sequences. Just as easily as the intuitive operation of the software and the precise omni-directional tip control of the probe articulation.
iRis PRO Videoscope
iRis PRO Videoscope Features
The High-resolution Advanced Image Sensor
The High-resolution Advanced Image Sensor
Provides the basis for detailed, life like images with realistic color reproduction. Objective lenses with different field of view (FOV), depth of focus (DOF) and aperture values allow individual adjustment to any inspection environment. Thus the iRis Videoscope provides unsurpassed image quality and contrast.
Imaging Hub with Hi-Resolution TFT Display
High-contrast, true to detail and easy to operate. With the push of a button the iRis videoscope is ready for use. A second push, or screen touch and your picture is saved. Direct action keys for all further operation modes allow high ease of use and simple learnability of all procedures. The bright screen with backlight is perfectly visible even with light incident or a high viewing angle. The battery can be changed within seconds to gain another 2 hours of operating time.
LED Light Source
Bright, economical and innovative. The LED light source is characterized by bright white light, 5000 hours of operating time and little power consumption. By pushing one button the LED can be adjusted in steps and optimum illumination of the inspection objects is reached. In addition the LED is absolutely safely integrated (depends on model) either in the handle, or in the distal tip of of the iRis videoscope.
Mechanical Control
Permanent deceleration of the controller cables is an important advantage of the iRis. As the videoscope needs no locking device, it can hardly be damaged while being removed of the inspected object. Furthermore the articulation system immediately reacts to force effects by driving back the levers on its own. That is effectively reducing downtimes and avoids unnecessary costs for repair.
Omnidirectional Articulation
Precise, sturdy and reliable. The ergonomic handle of the iRis allows precise mechanical steering with short adjustment travel and sensitive setting to zero-point. Controlling in two- or four directions up to 180° is carried out via two tactile and mechanical levers.
iCase and iCase+
Purpose designed "roll along" transportation, storage and operating cases.
More than accessories, these cases transform an excellent industrial video inspection tool into an intelligent inspection system. The outside shell is watertight, head-resistant, extremely lightweight and virtually indestructible. The neat interior features a very practical iRis Videoscope storage system that reduces the possibility of scope damage during setup and disassembly.
iRIS PRO Videoscope Features

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