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Borescopes for Sale

STRAHL LLC is an authorized sales partner for IT Concepts International. IT Concepts offers a comprehensive selection of tools for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) applications.
RVI equipment can be used to view the interior of machinery, vessels, pipes and tubes without major disassembly, damage or destruction.
RVI tasks are usually performed to detect anomalies and defects like degradation, deposits, erosion, corrosion, cracking, blockages and foreign-object damage.
Industrial Videoscope for Professional Remote Visual Inspection
Industrial Videoscopes
Typically flexible instruments that have a tiny CCD (Charge-coupled device) or advanced CMOS solid-state camera built into the remote tip of the instrument to acquire images.
Videoscopes are considered to be the most advanced and high tech of RVI instruments.

Flexible Fiberscopes
As the name implies, Fiberscopes rely on fiber optics to transmit remote images. Fiberscopes are the best known RVI instruments and have been the workhorse of industrial RVI for decades. Fiberscopes are less expensive than Videoscopes and are available in smaller diameters than Videoscopes.

Borescope Accessories
Our borescope related accessories include light sources, battery packs, light cables, video cameras, and supplemental devices for both videoscope and fiberscope systems.

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