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Videoscope Rentals

Videoscope Rentals (click here)

If you prefer to rent, we offer a range of videoscope systems complete with imaging hub, video scope, light source, and transporting case. Our systems are practical and user friendly remaining at the cutting edge of industrial RVI. They are also easily transported, uncomplicated to setup and straightforward to use. Each system is equipped with a selection of essential features that can be used to accomplish RVI tasks from simple visual checks to advanced inspection procedures.


Fiberscope Rentals

Fiberscope Rentals (click here)

We offer a range of fiberscope sizes practical for just about every application. Our scope designs have been honed by experience to provide instruments that are comfortable to use and capable of withstanding the rigors of the industrial working environment. The hand piece chassis is made of metal and this is complemented by insertion tubes that are sheathed with hard wearing tungsten braid.