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Flexible Fiberscopes Sales

Different diameters and a wide selection of lengths mean that we carry an industrial Fiberscope for just about every application.
Our industrial fiberscopes have been honed by experience to provide instruments that are comfortable to use and capable of withstanding the rigors of the industrial working environment.
iFlex Flexible Fiberscope with Light On
Small Diameter Industrial Fiberscopes
Mini Fiberscopes for discerning professional users who require high quality and dependable Remote Visual Inspection equipment without overpaying for expensive brand names and unnecessary features.
Outstanding Image Clarity and Reliability
Remote Visual Inspection applications often demand scopes that can be inserted through small access points to provide high quality images of difficult to reach areas.
Our available series of industrial flexible Mini Fiberscopes with a probe diameter from 1.2mm is up to the job!

Flexible Fiberscopes
Cost Effective

Why pay for unnecessary features? After all, most Fiberscopes are simply used to view inside objects and extract information to support good decision making. Consider this:
The construction and articulation capabilities of our scopes mean that they can be inserted into as many difficult to reach areas as any other scopes.
Our scopes have fiber optic image bundles that provide the clarity necessary to thoroughly interpret the target inspection area.
We build our scopes to provide users with robust and long lasting instruments.
So why pay more? We have what it takes to get the job done without over spending.

Delivery & Service

Many of or Fiberscopes are shipped from stock and our customers receive them in a matter of days. Pre-order units are available just in two- three weeks. Other Fiberscope providers, including those that offer gratuitously expensive scopes make this claim, but we don't claim to be the same, we deliver!
In addition to maintaining an extensive inventory of Fiberscopes, GIS is also there when things go wrong. From time-to-time, and even with due attentiveness Fiberscopes do get broken and require repair attention. For major and minor repairs, GIS offers a fast turn around. Customers can also take advantage of our no hassle repair exchange program that typically puts a Fiberscope back into the hands of a customer in days. Where possible, GIS will also repair scopes from other manufacturers.

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