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Borescope F.A.Q.

Frequently Asking Questions
1. What is Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)?
Remote visual inspection is a tremendously useful tool for determining the interior condition of a wide variety mechanical equipment, such as:
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Interior Piping
  • Steam Condensate Tanks
  • Drain & Waste Lines
  • Pressure Vessels & Tanks
  • Chill & Secondary Expansion Tanks
  • Pipe Headers
  • Refrigeration Machines
  • Receivers and Holding Tanks
Remote video is also suitable for identifying other HVAC related conditions normally hidden from view, such as:
  • Ductwork Blockages And Pressure Loss
  • Air Shaft Piping And Ductwork
  • Damper Operation
While the most common uses of such technology is to locate interior pitting, deposits, defective welds or wall ruptures, the wide variety of specialized attachments allow our robotic cameras to perform otherwise impossible tasks such as locating and retrieving lost tools or parts. Multiple robot configurations exist.
2. What industries typically require RVI?
Aviation, Manufacturing, High Purity Piping, Power Generation, Semi Conduction, High Tech Manufacturing, Petrochemical Production, Biotechnology.
3. What are some common names for RVI equipment?
  • Borescope / Borescopes
  • Videoscopes / Video Scope Systems
  • Fiberscope / Flexible Fiberscopes
  • Endoscope / Endoscopy
  • Rigid Borescope
  • Flexible Borescope
  • Pipe Cameras
  • Pipe Crawlers
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Inspection Cameras
4. Is it better to rent or purchase RVI equipment?
Depending on your company's situation it might be economical to rent your equipment from STRAHL LLC. However, If you require RVI on a regular basis then it is advisable to purchase your equipment. We offer new and used video and fiberscope systems at affordable rates and also repair most products.
5. Why would I purchase/rent a video system over a direct view fiberscope?
Video systems give you a larger viewing area as well as the ability to capture images for future reference. Many industries require the documentation of RVI and video capturing technology makes imaging easy. Direct view fiberscopes however are useful for applications that require a quick visual inspection or adjustment on the part of the inspector
6. How long have you been in business?
We been in the RVI industry for almost 20 years and we continue to grow. We have gained the respect of other industry members and have worked with companies and organizations including FedEx, GE, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Please check our about us page for more information.
7. Why should I purchase/rent my equipment from STRAHL?
We are a company dedicated to customer satisfaction and quick response. The industries we service require constant communication and it is our goal to be available when needed. Our client base has continued to grow over the past 20 years and we are proud of our reputation in the industry. We have also expanded our business to include equipment rentals and repairs.
8. Do you purchase used equipment?
If you are interested in trading in your old equipment for up-to-date items please contact us.
9. How can I contact your company?
Please use our contact page for all inquiries or reach us Phone at 1-877-613-2210. We are available 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday Central Standard Time.